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TakeCharge POS

Restaurant Tech Innovators


An extensive tool set for restaurant owners.

Innovative Ordering

Multiple ordering methods for a streamlined experience.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock assistance through various channels.

Take Charge of Your Processing with the Non-Cash Adjustment Fee

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Grow Your Business

Tableside Ordering

Allowing servers to instantly input orders right at the customer’s table.

Digital Loyalty Integration

Built-in tools foster repeat patronage, incentivizing customers to return.

Real-Time Reporting

Instant insights are provided into sales, inventory, and staff performance.

Business Management

Labor Management

View employee hours, tips, and wages.

Integrated Inventory Management

Track your inventory levels in real time.

Customizable POS Interface

Tailored to suit the specific needs of your restaurant.

TakeCharge POS Cloud-Based, Smart Mobile POS Solutions

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